Her Night Out

Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels.com

She walks into the bar and seems out of place.  She has a designer bag strapped across her shoulder and matching shoes.  Her clothing did not come from any discount store and maybe were custom made.  But all this wealth is not something she flaunts.  She has an amazing natural beauty that outshines any label she could wear.

She smiles at the bartender and goes to a booth near the back.  All she is there for is a beer and a chance to sing some karaoke.  This is her once a month drug.  The music, the beer and the audience all fuel the memories of lost chances.  She gave it all up when he asker her to marry him.  In return she has gotten so much, but still longs for things she used to have.

She takes the last drink of her beer setting a tip on the table and starts to head for home.  Another night of downhome fun sure beats the solitude she lives every day up on the hill.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – flaunt

Shallow Beauty

The shallow ones
Always flaunt their looks
While the beautiful ones
Shy away from attention
The shallow ones
Always want more
While the beautiful ones
Are happy with what they have
The shallow ones
Never think of others
While the beautiful ones
Want others to be happy
The shallow ones
Often end up alone
While the beautiful ones
Find their own happiness

Beauty is about
So much more
Than the way you look
Let your beauty of soul
Shine brightly