She does not fit in

She is seen as peculiar

Always quiet and withdrawn

When she is really just shy

Not pretty like the rest

Her skin is flawed

Her body is not toned

She needs to lose weight

Each time they call her peculiar

It makes her weaker inside

So she will never break out of her shell

Destined to be alone in life

All because they think she is peculiar

The Broken Ones

Close the gate and
Keep us locked inside for
We are the broken ones;
Not quite accepted,
Beyond what is normal.
Our flaws set us apart
As not good enough
To be a part of the crowd.
We have the same dreams as you,
Our blood flows like yours
And destiny is not in our control.
Because we don’t fit with the norm,
We are the outcasts,
The ones you look down on.
Maybe if you keep us confined,
You can somehow put us
Out of sight and out of mind