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To those who follow me I must apologize.  I have been wrapped up in letters and making Christmas cards and I have neglected my blog.  But for the first time in many years (probably about since the time my daughter was born) I actually got all my letters and cards into the mail early enough that the people will get them before Christmas!  I am stoked.  I even will have time to wrap stuff this weekend and then bake some cookies.  My daughter has requested spritz cookies this year.  And she has volunteered to do the chocolate dipped potato chips… I know it sounds odd but that salty and sweet is so good!  I have even seen them in fancy chocolate shops for a lot more money than a bag of Ruffles and some chocolate blocks.

So, I am back and going to stick with this at least until Christmas.  I may get behind then again.  But there is nothing going on after that so I should be able to catch up fast.  Without further ado, I shall get back to my reading and find my next daily challenge.  If I forget later… Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, joyous Kwanzaa, and festive “what-ever you celebrate.”  Hope it is a great holiday for you!


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