The Jester’s Hat Is Mine

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So many things
Flood back to my mind
Each time I think of you
A song on the radio you sang to
A favorite brand of liquor to drink
A stranger holding a cigarette like you did
The slightest whiff of your cologne drifting by
All these hundreds of flashbacks
Seriously hamper my ability to move on
To forget lost chances
To regret not following you
To imagine what it would take for you to come back
Foolish thoughts of a washed-up mind
You were never mine to have
And I was a fool to ever believe I could

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – hamper

I’m Glad I Could Help

Was I just your experiment

A woman to toy with

To see what made me tick

Then turn around

And use it all on her

The one you lost before

Did you ever once

Think of how I felt

When you spoke those words

The ones that made me melt

And then in a flash

You were just gone

Moved away from here

And you never looked back

Do you know

My heart still aches

Every time I hear your name

Was I just your experiment

Did you conclude in the end

I was nothing more than a fool


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – experiment

Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread

He was a bad boy

The kind Mom warned me about

He was from a different world than me

But he was so inviting

His devilish grin

His pouty eyes

And that body of his

He had done time

He used drugs

Things that used to scare me

But he had no fear

I took the plunge

Dived in with eyes closed

Enticed by the taste of desire

And curious about the other side of the street

I may be a fool

But for once I am living

Life on the edge for a while


Written for Fandango’s February Expression #2

Take A Peek

Hurry up

Let’s take a peek

And see the girl

That is a freak

She was taken in

And played the fool

She should have learned

Clear back in school

That things like that

Just don’t happen

There is no way

They all aren’t laughin’

Laughin’ at her

And her foolish ways

Now she cries

Both nights and days

Hurry up

And take a peek

See the girl

Whose future is bleak


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – hurry

Chained To You

I never meant to love you

It just happened

Your kind manner

Your contagious smile

I just felt so at ease with you

You never encouraged it

But you didn’t discourage it either

And now what do I do

I want to be with you

To touch you

To consume you

To share every moment of bliss

But this world is not fair

And I’m just a fool

Who fell for the wrong one

At the wrong time

So I keep my heart in shackles

Hoping we will get our time



Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – fool

The Player Of The Game

You used me

You made me care

You nearly had me fall in love

You were an expert in the game


You made promises

You broke them soon

You were only out for yourself

You needed me for just a moment


You never meant for anything to last

You shut off the friendship quickly

You used up all that I offered naturally to you

You have obviously done this before


You got your money

You got your needs met

You were only thinking of number one

You drew out the fool in me…

Behind The Curtain

Step right up folks,

don’t be shy.

See the girl behind the curtain.

She walks, she talks,

she gets used by her friends.

Treated like a welcome mat,

walked on again and again.

How does she do it

without losing her mind?

Witness her ability

to love without end,

even when she is stabbed in the back.

A once in a lifetime sight –

she gives beyond needs

to try to hold on to love.

Always giving more to others

than she does for herself.

Witness her crumble

as her heart is crushed yet again.

A real live woman

beyond the curtain,

who plays the fool day after day,

believing someday

she just might get what she gives.