At The Cabin

The forest trees stretched on forever
The water gently lapped at their roots
A deer timidly steps forward to drink
And I sit across the river in awe
This quiet beauty is mesmerizing
The birds softly sing in the trees nearby
I am taken to a place of tranquility
Watching nature on a lazy summer day

The Forbidden Forest

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2The forbidden forest beckons

Enter if you dare

Cross the witches trail

Be ready for a scare

The forbidden forest darkens

As doom seeps into the air

You begin to feel the pull

As if it drags you there

The forbidden forest wails

An eerie kind of cry

Put on your bravest face

There is no time to be shy

The forbidden forest whispers

A haunting lullaby

Keep your wits about you

Or else you might just die

The forbidden forest surrounds

As if to swallow you whole

The night gives you no guidance

The skies as black as coal

The forbidden forest echoes

As you take your final stroll

Be wise in what you say

Or a demon may steal your soul…