Sudden Silence

A question is on my mind
Will you take the time to answer it
Do I even really want to know
I debate with myself
Should I ask or let it go
I fear the worst
But keep holding onto hope
I have been puzzled by your actions
There has been such a dramatic change
I used to be a part of your life
Day in and day out
Now I seem to be a distant memory
So I want to know
Do I still matter to you


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – question


My Heart

It sat in the corner
Covered with dust
Back in the shadows
Forgotten about
For too many years
Does it still even work

I reached gently back
Through the cobwebs
To retrieve the object
Wondering of its worth
And rusted condition
Does it still even work

I weigh the options
Of picking it up
And looking for signs of life
Knowing it might be too old
Too battered and worn
Does it still even work

Hesitation aside
I gently grasp it
Felling the faintest of hope
A gentle spark of life
Wondering if this is really love
Does it still even work


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – object

Need To Know

Forgive me for interrupting your day
But I just needed to know
Know that you are still there
And maybe remember who I am
(Once I was your friend)
sympathize with your need for independence
But a part of me still needs
To know if you still care
To know if I still matter in your life
There was a time you told me
I was your whole world
Now I feel like a second class citizen
Stripped of my rights
Only a glancing thought
A shadow of what I once was…


His voice was loud and sudden

It caused me to jolt back to reality

I was daydreaming again

Wishing for things like

Tenderness, romance and touch

Sincerity, kindness and maturity

Sobriety, awareness and presence of mind

But these days my dreams seem impossible

As he drifts further away


He is asking about dinner

And I sigh and answer him

Back to my reality

Where I feel so forgotten…