After All These Years

The old woman sat on a bench
Near a worn headstone
She held a single flower
And looked so forlorn
She gently placed the bloom
Onto the ground before her
And wiping away a tear
She softly said
“I still miss you, Dad.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – forlorn

The Pain Is Unending

You promised me the moon

And then you walked away…

Were words just that easy for you?

You threw them around like nothing mattered-

They were merely decorations

To color your world happy

And to hell with who they hurt along the way.

It got you what you wanted

And life just goes on

To bigger and better things for you.

I am left behind littered in your words,

Like scraps from a story

Not good enough to tell-

Only fragments of empty promises

Forgotten in yesterdays,

forlorn memory…