Expense Account

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich on Pexels.com

Chris had a flagrant disregard for the rules.  He just didn’t deal with authority well, never had. It led to lots of days at home grounded and detention at school.  Now he had learned a few tricks to bypass the authorities as he aged, but one day was called into HR with a problem.

“Your expense report has some discrepancies Mr. Sanford wanted me to double check with you.” The woman turned some papers over and started again, “When you worked that job in Denver your milage did not match with what everyone else on the crew had.  And your meal expenses were higher by $140.”

Chris sighed and said, “I had a business lunch that the crew did not have so that was for me and the client and his assistant.”

“Well, you needed to submit it as such and not as a personal expense.  I will relabel this as business lunch with client and see what Mr. Sanford says.  In the meantime, he wants to keep you on the local crew.”

“Oh, that’s ridiculous!  I am sick of Mr. Sanford.  Tell him I quit!”

Chris walked out the door and thought to himself, “I need to find another patsy who will let me pad my paycheck.  Mr. Sandford and his company netted me about $2000 extra over the time I was there.”  Little did he know that Mr. Sanford was assembling a case of fraud against him.  This may be the end of the line for Chris and him breaking the rules.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – flagrant