Mr. White

He lived next door

I saw him

Almost every day

He always had a smile

And a friendly word

Then I moved away

And almost forgot him

Today I saw his picture

And I finally

Learned his story

His family was all gone

His wife passed before him

His child died from cancer

He gave to the community

He was a veteran of Vietnam

We once were neighbors

And I had never known

All the pain in his life

He always was so positive

I was sad to read

He died at 67…

His Kindness Matters

She slowly pushed the knife

Through the juicy lemon

Slicing it to go into her water

It was another hot day

Humidity ruining her hair

She went to the porch

There was at least a breeze

So the shade wasn’t bad

And she sat on the swing

She lived for summer days at 4pm

That is when he walked by

She didn’t know his name

Only imagined his life

But he would smile at her

He would say hello

And she would feel

Like she mattered

If only for a moment

It was her best defense

From being invisible

And when summer was over

He would be gone

And she would once again

Be someone without notice