The Thin Line

He was silent again

She had a theory why

She had stepped over the line

She had spoken the truth

And he didn’t want to hear it

That thin line of friendship

Had been crossed one too many times

And when she called him out

For what he truly was

He closed off and disappeared

To this day she still regrets

Not holding back the words

That caused him to become silent

Take That Step Forward?

Like a tentative foot

Stepping out onto fresh ice

I am not sure it is safe

To move further ahead with you

The attraction is overwhelming

And the friendship is already here

But I don’t know how thick the ice is

Or how true you’ll be

I have to decide

If it is worth the risk

To maybe plunge into

The icy cold depths of loss

Loss vs. Pain

I don’t want it to end

I want to hold on tight

I want it to continue

I want you in my life

But there is a pain there

And an ache I can’t control

Now the question arises

Should I let you go

It’s a matter of my peace of mind

And whether you’re there for me

The silence overwhelms me

And lack of concern eats at me

For now I just wonder

I keep it in the back of my mind

The loss is worse than the pain

So I still hold on for today…

Steve, Don’t Leave

“Later Fred.”

Later Steve.”

The two exchanged words

As they walked out the door

If only Fred had known

Steve’s later would never come

In the blink of an eye he was gone

At the age of 45 he died


We never know how long we have

We only have so many moments

So treasure the times together

And be a friend every day.


I found out a friend of mine just lost her best friend to cancer.  It for some reason reminded me of someone I met just a couple of times but was saddened to hear he died suddenly at the age of 45.  He had so much life in front of him and it was gone in the blink of an eye.  I can’t really say we were friends, but I certainly admired him and still miss his presence in this world.  My point tonight is treat each moment special as you never know when it may be your last.  (((HUGS)))

12 Days of Christmas – Friendship


A part of Christmas for me always revolves around friends.  Whether it is co-workers, neighbors or friends for years from school there is always some get together.  A shopping trip together, a lunch to unwind from the shopping, a cookie exchange, even a company gathering.  There are cards to send out to reconnect with friends we have lost touch with in distance and schedules that are too busy.  I can’t count the number of times I run into someone I haven’t seen in ages while shopping.  Friends make life bearable.  I have always believed they are the “family” we choose.  Call a friend up and take some time to let them know you still care. This Christmas embrace the warmth of friendship, one of the greatest gifts of all.

Treasures of Friendship

Feeling pretty emotional tonight so I am writing sappy.  I am never really thrilled the way “happy” poems turn out… they remind me of a Hallmark card, but I guess that is not all bad.  Anyway, here goes…

Distance may grow

And time may pass

But if ever you need

Don’t hesitate to ask

You’re a treasure

Beyond compare

And I’m someone

Who will always care

So remember this

As I send you my love

You for me are heaven sent

Truly a gift from above

False Friend Warning

This is a test, this is only a test.

If this had been an actual friendship

You would have gotten something in return.

Instead you gave and gave with nothing to show for it.

In the event of a real friendship

The give and take is equal,

The love shared is returned,

And never are you ignored.

Please remember to protect your heart

And never leave it open for others to break.

Take shelter in your own self-worth.

Don’t let others turn you ugly from their point of view.

Remember you are worth so much more…

This has only been a test.

Lunch Time Hope

He said with a devilish grin,

“Make me a sandwich.”

and how my insides flipped.

If only he knew –

I would do anything for him.

My dreams had been crushed

and the though of sharing a sandwich,

just a simple lunch,

was enough to give me hope.

Hope that I was not damaged goods.

Hope that I might find life again

beyond the wreckage that was my failed marriage.

Hope that he was within my reach

and I was not only dreaming.

To make him a sandwich would be a good start

…I just smiled and said, “PB and J?”

Behind The Curtain

Step right up folks,

don’t be shy.

See the girl behind the curtain.

She walks, she talks,

she gets used by her friends.

Treated like a welcome mat,

walked on again and again.

How does she do it

without losing her mind?

Witness her ability

to love without end,

even when she is stabbed in the back.

A once in a lifetime sight –

she gives beyond needs

to try to hold on to love.

Always giving more to others

than she does for herself.

Witness her crumble

as her heart is crushed yet again.

A real live woman

beyond the curtain,

who plays the fool day after day,

believing someday

she just might get what she gives.