Mumbles … Altruistic

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To give without expectations is a wonderful thing to do… it is not always easy.  You give a present on somebody’s birthday; you expect a positive response; at the very least you want a thank you.  You spend hours on a special dinner for someone.  You still expect some kind of comment about how good the food taste.  BUT if you can give with no hopes of anything in return that is a true altruistic nature.  You give of your time, talent, money for the benefit of others.  You are not doing it for a photo op.  You are not doing it to further your career.  You are doing it because it is a kind thing to do.

I have probably been the most altruistic about fund raising for Children’s Miracle Network when I used to work.  For many years I was the only cashier asking people for donations.  Finally, management decided everyone else needed a little push and started giving away prizes for the fund raising.  I tried to get others on board with information about what CMN did to help sick kids and their families.  I only took one of the prizes, a free 20oz soda because I was thirsty.  But the bottom line was always the needs of the kids.

That is about the best I do with altruistic at nearly 3am (I wrote this last night and fell asleep before I could post it).  Not sleeping tonight so I might as well work on WordPress.  I have some free time coming up so maybe I can whittle down the days I am dreadfully behind on.  Got a steroid shot in my hip today so will be down with pain tomorrow before it gets better in the next couple of days.  I hope everyone has a great (and maybe an altruistic) weekend!

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Buy This, Give That

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Gadgets a plenty

Tools and toys

Ingenious thing-a-ma-jigs

All tempt you to try

Don’t just walk by

The best

The original

The new and improved

Buy it now

Make the season merry


Don’t forget to spend

Something that is free

With those that you love

It’s not a present they want

It is a moment of your time

Your attention

Your love

Something that is freely given

With a smile

And joy in your heart

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – ingenious

12 Day of Christmas – Giving

The final day of my journey through the things that mean Christmas to me is of course giving.  I love to give!  It can be giving presents, giving time, giving of your heart, etc.

I have always tried the best I could to try to find that “perfect” gift to give someone that WOW moment when they open a present.  I delight in watching my daughter open her gifts.  I don’t think I can ever top the year I got her a new instrument (a piccolo).  She was completely unaware and really surprised.  No big surprises this year but I do really hope she loves her Crazy Frog Lady shirt.

At this time of year I always wish I had more energy so I could give of my time more.  Volunteering to be a bell-ringer for Salvation Army.  Or work at a the homeless shelter to feed the hungry.  I do it more in small personal doses.  Giving time to my Dad to just visit a while.  Writing letters to friends and family I cannot visit.  Some of those small gift that are “free” can mean a lot too.

Around the holidays people often give to charities as well.  Whether it be a toy drive or your favorite charity with an end of the year gift it is giving for those who need help.  Just once I would like to win the lottery to be able to do more than a $5 or $10 donation.

No matter what you give do so freely and with pure love in your heart.  I have learned if you give with strings attached it can just cause heartache.  Giving freely and without conditions is the only way to guarantee it will not hurt you in the end.

I hope you take the time to embrace all that Christmas means to you.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!

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12 Days of Christmas – Love

The one overwhelming emotion of Christmas is love.  Love of family, friends and faith.  You give to those you love.  Celebrate surrounded by loved ones.  And it is the love of Jesus that is the center of the origins of Christmas.  How many times have you seen couples engaged on Christmas?  Often a baby’s first Christmas is a highlight of the year… and that is just the love the new parents have, because the child will not remember a bit of it!  There is love and appreciation for the beauty of the season, the decorations and the shiny wrapped gifts topped with bows.  There are favorite parts of the holiday that we love.  The part I love is the look of happiness when I have chosen the perfect gift for someone… I love giving. What do you love about Christmas?

Day 73 – 100 Days of Happiness

I cried again today… not for sadness though.  It was a more or less humbling moment.  My boyfriend and I have been in sad financial ways for some time now and I have been very worried about Christmas.

I grew up with Christmas always being a time of giving and I LOVE to buy stuff for other people and see the joy it brings them.  Strapped for cash though that is hard to do.  We have been saving change, taking pop cans to the redemption center, using coupons when possible… all the tricks we can think of to save.  Today my sister and father surprised me with a check to use for Christmas shopping.  It was all I could do to stop the tears from flowing right away.  I am so lucky to have family that understands what I am going through and is there to help where they can.

So one worry has been lessened. And happily I was able to take advantage of a Black Friday sale and get a shirt for my daughter at half price almost.  Now if I can get organised for Cyber Monday I can do some more shopping and then it will be a happy Christmas once again.