The Time Is Now

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I need to get through this

I need to make it to the other side

No matter how bad it hurts

Sometimes the right things do

I steady my resolve

And swallow hard

Take a deep breath

The time for the end draws near

My nerves are rattled

And there is no turning back now

I look at you one last time

And we quietly say our goodbyes

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – resolve

Hello Goodbye

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You said hello

And I started to resist

But you lured me with friendship

And I believed I was worth it

You painted a picture or hope

You made me human again

Then as suddenly as you came

You slammed the door shut

Left me without a ghost of a chance

To trust anyone again

And now I sit and wonder why

You never even said goodbye

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – lure

Let Go

I knew the moment was imminent

As the minutes passed on the clock

The laughs were done for the day

And it was time for goodbye hugs

But I didn’t want to let go


Your arms around me

Felt like I was safe

My arms around you

Reminded me of hope

But I didn’t want to let go


I don’t know if it was fear

Of the unknown future

Or life pulling me downward

And me reaching for help

I just didn’t want to let go


I felt like I might matter

In someone else’s eyes

And the chaos of the world

Seemed possible to handle

So I didn’t want to let go


I recognized how I missed you

When you are so far away

I knew how lonely I really feel

Surrounded by fewer everyday

I really didn’t want to let go


Slowly our embrace did end

And I swallowed back the tears

I should not be this selfish

And want so much from you

I just didn’t want you to go

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – imminent

Blown Away

We met in a whirlwind

A chaotic nonstop adventure

To others we probably looked crazy

But we were living on the edge

Never afraid of trying new things

And we would always be together

The rare moments of solitude

Became longer and more empty

Something changed in you

Our time together shrunk to nothing

And in a few weeks

You said your goodbyes


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – few

Mumbles… goodbye

This week I said goodbye to a wonderful woman, my maternal grandmother. Like my other grandma I saw her as a strong woman in my life. And although she outlived the majority of the friends and family from the area there were still a handful of us there to celebrate her spirit and share stories.

It was agreed that her raspberries from the garden were much better than what the grocery store sold. She was particular about her yard too and would use an old rotary push mower to keep her lawn trimmed… and occasionally a pair of scissors. She went for the defensive side of things and not only would care for her lawn, but would remove weeds and twigs from neighbors yards so they would not end up in hers.

She was always talking about taking her vitamins and my sister and I never got candy from her, instead it was carob covered raisins and rosehip tea. Then there was also the cod liver oil she gave us whenever we stayed overnight…. If you have never had the “pleasure” you don’t know what you are missing, words just can’t describe it! (shudder)

She never drove that I know of, only walked. And she walked everywhere… two to three miles round trip to and from work, to the grocery store about 3 blocks away and carried all her groceries home, to see us and we were about a mile from her house. It never mattered if it was sun, rain, snow or windy she walked in it all.

I am sure going to miss her, but for living to 100 years old she had a full amazing life. Grandma, you will forever be missed, I love you!


*I want to apologize for not being very talkative lately… my depression has been worse lately and I just haven’t felt like doing much of anything.  I will hopefully bounce back soon.  In the meantime know that every like is sent with sincerity and I will comment again when the muse brings the words back.