Happy and Grateful – Day 171

June brings warmer weather and the start of summer.  Hopefully it brings many ideas from my muse too.  I continue to write for my challenge to find the things that make me happy and grateful each day this year.  Please feel free to join me in this challenge with comments about your happiness and gratitude or start your own blog.  There is always something good to find in each day.

Happy first day of summer!  Now the days grow hotter and shorter.  And it was a hot one today.  Back near 90’s again today.  At least the humidity wasn’t really high.  I only had to be briefly in it as I went to the local mall to buy the dress pants to go with the shirt and light sweater I got Saturday for the wedding this weekend.  At least they are saying nice temps for that day… although they keep going back and forth on rain chances.  Last I heard it was a 30% chance.  No one wants rain on their wedding day.

But today was pretty mild and that was good as I was having issues with my anxiety.  I was shaking so bad when I went to try on the dress pants I was afraid I might rip them.  So once again I had to take a Lorazepam.  I see my meds doctor this week and we will see what she thinks we should do.  The stress is pretty high right now so we may just keep meds where they are.  I am grateful she is a pretty easy to get along with doctor.  And best of all she LISTENS!  I hate seeing someone who seems rushed and only half paying attention.  I am grateful to have this doctor – really all my doctors I have now are pretty good, I am lucky and I know it.

The rest of the day was pretty routine.  Was close to napping tonight before dinner, but my boyfriend came away from his computer and we started talking about dinner and I got my second wind.  I went to my Dad’s to fix him dinner with no problems.  And now I am relaxing with my laptop while the day comes to a close.  It is good to have just an “ordinary” day sometimes, it makes you appreciate the good ones more.  I guess my happy for the day was a guilty pleasure.  When I was at the mall I got a cup of pretzel bites with a little cheese sauce…. yummy!  I may only get them once or twice a year so it is not like I eat them all the time.

I should go read a couple more posts and then call it a night.  Have to take my boyfriend to work again in the morning.  I wish you all happiness and gratitude for the wonderful things in your day!  Good night.