You Get What You Pay For

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She opened the box and found a pair of Zealot Bluetooth headphones inside.  She had never heard of the brand and assumed it was something he had found on Wish.  He was always finding gadgets there that he had to have.  Since she had mentioned wanting headphones recently, he took advantage of the knowledge for her birthday gift.

“Thanks, hun!  You remembered I wanted a pair.  Where did you get them, I have never heard of this particular brand?”

“Oh, they were a great bargain on Wish.”

She knew it… now how long would they last, if they even worked?

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – zealot

Fine Tuning

Headphones on

Lost in another world

Music transcends the day

Stresses fade away

As the sound flows

Notes defeat the madness

Calm drifts over me

No anxieties exist

The melodies soothe away sadness

The therapy of bass

The treatment of treble

Completes my day

As I compose my dreams