One and Only

Just in time

Let’s start a rhyme

One of love

Sent from above

About devotion

And a lot of emotion

One never ending

It’s affection I’m sending

Straight to your heart

It’s where it all starts

So believe me when I say

I love you today

And for ever after

I’ll shout it from the rafter

You are my one and only

Without you I am lonely

No Fly Zone

Tether my heart
So it won’t fly away;
It seems every time
You come near
It wants to take flight.
It feels lighter than air
And flutters like a bird
Just at the sight of you
Or the sound of your voice.
So tether it down,
I have no control
And it don’t want to lose
Even a piece of my heart
Once again…

Heard In My Head

I heard your voice in my head

You said “I love you too”

But only for my dream time

Not really to be true


But dreams only hurt

The dreamers beating heart

Reality just shakes me

And tears your love apart


So I go on dreaming

And hopelessly loving you

Knowing my heart will beat

Forever shaded in blue