I’m Glad I Could Help

Was I just your experiment

A woman to toy with

To see what made me tick

Then turn around

And use it all on her

The one you lost before

Did you ever once

Think of how I felt

When you spoke those words

The ones that made me melt

And then in a flash

You were just gone

Moved away from here

And you never looked back

Do you know

My heart still aches

Every time I hear your name

Was I just your experiment

Did you conclude in the end

I was nothing more than a fool


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – experiment

Her Words

She pours her heart out at the end of each day. Crying and writing how she hurts. It’s her deep dark secrets that make her fill her diary – she lives in depression and longs for a life. One with a man who will love her like there is no one else. With each word she scratches out poetry of heartache and pain. Her demons speak of her fears. Her soul sings of hope and dreams.

She turns on the radio and begins to write again. This night is like all the others. No dreams came true, no love was found.


And what I first thought of with this prompt …


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – diary

Wrapped Up In You

He had to relocate

Some days it feels like

He took my heart with him,

Left behind an empty shell

Never to love again.

It wouldn’t hurt so bad

If he were still near,

But half the country

Separates the two of us.

I keep waiting for time

To help heal the emptiness,

But the chasm seems only to grow.

I pull the blanket around me

To block out the chill of loneliness,

Wishing it was his arms,

And hold tight to the memories

Of love that was lost.