Would You Please…

After all these years

I would do anything for you.

Would you do the same for me?

What I need is not easy,

After years it cannot be.

I need you to release my heart

For it has truly become yours.

I need it back for me

Since you don’t need it now,

You probably never did.

But I can’t take the pain anymore,

Of it beating only for you

When yours beats for another.

So please help me stop

This unending pain.

Please free me from this love.


The pattern of your heartbeat

I have imprinted in my soul

The only time I heard it

Was a day my life was whole

Now distance separates us

And you have someone new

I will always love you deeply

I know that we aren’t through

You taught me much so briefly

And for that I do thank you

But mostly it was your kindness

That makes my heart stay true

Take a moment to think of me

And I will do the same

And in that time we share

True love is surely tamed