Not So Perfect

I put him on a pedestal

And thought he was saintly

Only when time separated us

Did I see him more clearly

He was not the hero

I so strongly thought he was

And he had told me more than once

He was not the man I built him up to be

Why did I let love blind me

To the truth that was in front of me

I still ache for that knight in shining armor

But sadly he only existed in my heart


There once was a cartoon

That made all the poodles swoon

The star you see

Was different than you and me

He was not a little green frog

This hero was a real dog

No matter if night or day

He would always say

“There’s no need to fear

Underdog is here”

Then he would rescue Sweet Polly

In a manner that was jolly


(I can’t believe I just wrote this

But this word I could not dismiss

I made a promise at the start of the year

And completion of my goal is near

So I will deal with this difficult word

And write like some kind of poem nerd) 🙂