Mumbles …Relative

Relative is the word I am working on today… I’m not quite smart enough to address the theory of relativity. Not feeling a comparison post where it is all relative. But I can talk about a relative of two.

I have mentioned my Dad’s failing health and just yesterday evening I got a call from his caregiver and he had taken a fall. Shot my heart right up into my throat and I drove there as soon as I could. Luckily he did not get hurt other than a scrape to his elbow.

Now I live about 15 minutes away so I had called my sister to get there to try to help lift my Dad up off the floor, as she is less than 5 minutes away. It just amazes me how two siblings can be so different. She is a wiz with handling Dad’s finances, but when asked to sit with him for a short while… I get back a “I am not a nurturer like you.” It is her Dad… how hard can it be to just TALK to him for a half an hour or so.

This fall and his two hour wait on the floor (he had his cell phone, but couldn’t figure out how to use it) for someone to get him hits my heart hard. I don’t know how much more I can physically and emotionally do. My sister said on the way out, “Might not be able to stay here much longer.” And a part of me is afraid she is right. I hate the thought of putting him in a nursing home, but am afraid he needs more care than assisted living would give him.

This makes me think of my grandmother who took in her own mom and took care of her in the end of her life and still kept the books for my grandfather’s business and ran the household perfectly, still having time to volunteer at the church even. How could she do all of that and I am having troubles just making it through the nights?

I love my Dad and hope and pray he can stay home a little while longer. But fate may have other plans. Do you have a relative you care for? It is tough job, and I am learning not everyone can do it.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – relative

Mumbles… home care

I am taking a minute or two to write down a few thoughts and feelings but thought I would start with a Mumble. My Dad made it home after a full week in the hospital. His pneumonia is cleared up but he is still having some issues with confusion and memory. So he was sent home only with the understanding that someone would be there 24/7 for a couple of weeks. I take the over-night shift and we use a home care service for the other 12 hours of the day. Not a nursing staff, just someone to help out with trying to keep him mobile off and on throughout the day, meals and keeping an eye out for further confusion issues. This is only day two so there has not been much improvement yet. He just asked me yesterday if my younger self had been there a minute ago…. that is kind of impossible. I so hate the thought of him getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it was hard watching my Mother-in-law going through it I don’t know if I have the strength to do it again.

I am slowly trying to get back to my reading and writing. I have seven daily prompts to do and LOTS of reading to catch up on. Dad however does not have Wi-Fi so I am limited to daytime activity. I am so used to doing Word Press at night I am not sure the muses will accommodate my daytime words. LOL So bear with me… I will get to those old post and eventually the new ones. I didn’t want you all to think I ran away. Have a good day/night… (((HUGS)))