Let Go

I knew the moment was imminent

As the minutes passed on the clock

The laughs were done for the day

And it was time for goodbye hugs

But I didn’t want to let go


Your arms around me

Felt like I was safe

My arms around you

Reminded me of hope

But I didn’t want to let go


I don’t know if it was fear

Of the unknown future

Or life pulling me downward

And me reaching for help

I just didn’t want to let go


I felt like I might matter

In someone else’s eyes

And the chaos of the world

Seemed possible to handle

So I didn’t want to let go


I recognized how I missed you

When you are so far away

I knew how lonely I really feel

Surrounded by fewer everyday

I really didn’t want to let go


Slowly our embrace did end

And I swallowed back the tears

I should not be this selfish

And want so much from you

I just didn’t want you to go

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – imminent