Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

I am afraid

of being hurt again,

and so I wonder

should romance begin?

He makes me smile

and feel alright,

from the early morning

until late at night.

So, I guess I need

to take this love train,

because I’ve learned

nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Written for Fandango’s February Expressions (FFE) #12


Did it ever

Occur to you

That you

Could hurt me

As easily

As you do?

It makes me

Wonder if

You ever cared

For me.

If you did

Why would you

Want to

Twist the knife

You put into

My back?

Lies and rejection

Have replaced

Love and affection.

No longer

Can I handle

This pain

… goodbye.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – occur

Please Remember Me

I don’t understand

How you forget me

When I try as hard as I can

And I will never be able

To forget you for a moment

You live daily in my thoughts

Minute by minute in my soul

Second by second in my heart

In all seriousness

Am I just not important to you

Does my love really not matter

Or do


Just not matter

At all…

His Touch

He reaches out

To lovingly touch me

But I’ve been burned

And fear that touch

He lied

He cheated

And it is hard to forgive

Impossible to forget


He reaches out

But I pull away

Will he ever be enough again

Can I get past the pain

Do I even want to


He reaches out

And I am paralyzed inside

Maybe I am broken forever

Unable to feel his touch

Convinced he will only hurt me

But still he reaches out…

Behind The Curtain

Step right up folks,

don’t be shy.

See the girl behind the curtain.

She walks, she talks,

she gets used by her friends.

Treated like a welcome mat,

walked on again and again.

How does she do it

without losing her mind?

Witness her ability

to love without end,

even when she is stabbed in the back.

A once in a lifetime sight –

she gives beyond needs

to try to hold on to love.

Always giving more to others

than she does for herself.

Witness her crumble

as her heart is crushed yet again.

A real live woman

beyond the curtain,

who plays the fool day after day,

believing someday

she just might get what she gives.