Company Image

“Okay, I give up Sam.  Why are you so gloomy today?  You have been moping around since you got up,” said her roommate Jan.

“I am just really dragging my feet for tomorrows vis-à-vis with management.”

“You haven’t done anything wrong though, have you?”

“Well it depends what kind of mood the bosses are in.  If they are all pissy about company image, I could get in trouble for being at the rally last night.”

“That was a perfectly fine demonstration for BLM.  There was no violence, no looting, no vandalism it was a peaceful protest.  Are their employees not allowed to have a voice in this world?”

“Don’t snap at me.  I know it was right to be there.  This violence has to stop.  But 2 of the 3 managers are old white guys with privilege.  I just don’t see them as the type to support anything like this.”

“Now who is being prejudice?  Give them a chance.  Are they talking to you in groups or individually?”

“No one seems to know.”

“Well don’t worry about it tonight, let’s pop some popcorn and watch a movie to get your mind off of it.”

“Now that is the best thing I have heard all day.” 

(I know my memory is not the best, but I heard a news report about someone being fired because they wanted to wear a BLM mask to work and they had also been a part of the protesting. It is so wrong to fire someone over standing up for people’s rights.)

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – vis-à-vis

Last Minute Invitation

“You can’t be serious!” the woman exclaimed as she stood up.  She walked across the living room and turned around, “after all this planning now you are not even going to be here for our Superbowl party?”

The man shifted in his seat looking uncomfortable, “He is my boss Diane.  I have to go.  If it was anyone else, I would have just invited them here, but I have a certain image to uphold at work.”

“Your precious image will be tarnished with your friends and family and that is ok, but heaven forbid you look less than perfect for Mr. Paulson.  Just go ahead and renege on your plans, but you better be here to help with the cleanup.”

“Yes Diane, I will.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – renege