Mumbles… Happy Third Of July

Happy Independence Day! No, I haven’t lost my mind. July 3rd is Independence Day, well at least it is for me. Today is the anniversary of the diagnosis confirming surgery I had for my breast cancer. I had a outpatient surgery and was back home in time to rest before the firework that night. I did not have the energy to go see them, but I could still hear them from my house. So every year there is usually one of the surrounding towns that has fireworks that I go to on the 3rd to celebrate my freedom from cancer.

As the fireworks burst overhead, I sat in my survivor t-shirt oohing and ahhing with the rest of the town and felt alive. It has now been 15 years since that day of the surgery and I am grateful for every single day I get. I can’t stress enough that everyone (yes men too!) should do self-exams for greater chance of early detection. I found the lump less than 4 months after my yearly check-up… some forms grow fast. Know your body and never be afraid of what you find

I still remember the most shocking thing I heard after my treatments were about done. An acquaintance asked me if I made out my will when I found out. It had never even crossed my mind. I had cancer, but the surgeon removed the tumor and my oncologist and radiologist were going to take care that the cancer would not come back. I never doubted that. And I think that positive outlook really got me through.

So now, on the edge of midnight, my Independence Day ends and the USA’s begins. Let’s all celebrate! Anyone have a lighter for this sparkler?

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Happy and Grateful – Day 184

July brings fireworks, picnics, pools and air conditioning. It is a time for those of us in the USA to celebrate our “birthday” and a personal time for me to celebrate life. It is hot and humid days and thunderstorms cooked up at night. I am continuing my challenge to find happiness and gratitude in every day. Join along in the comments or on your own blog. There is always good in every day.

This day is easy!  This is what I call MY independence day… I have been saying that for 14 years now.  Back on July 3rd in 2003 I had the surgery that confirmed I had breast cancer.  The surgeon, radiologists and oncologist all worked their magic and I am still here today.  So easily I am grateful for three great doctors that took care of me and made it possible for me to kick cancer’s butt!

Happy… well there is almost always a fireworks display somewhere to celebrate my freedom from cancer (you know they do it on the 3rd just for me LOL).  I am still working on the year when I am happy about the fireworks photos I took.  But until that happens you have to settle for a couple of fair ones from tonight.


I am trying to decide how I should celebrate next year at the 15 year mark.  At 10 years I got my tattoo… maybe another tattoo? Or maybe just some champagne and a toast with some family around.  I do still have a year to plan.  Do you have any ideas?

In the meantime, it is time to close the day and get some rest.  We do the fireworks tomorrow for the US!  Maybe a better picture will happen?  Good night and keep looking for your happiness each day!