Instinct Overload

It sneaks up on me
In the middle of the day
It creeps in the shadows
Late at night
It twists my insides
Into knots of pain
It grasps my heart
And won’t let go
It distorts my view
Of a normal day
It destroys my peace
With its wild assumptions
… we need fear
As it’s a basic instinct
But can’t it just go away
If only for a day


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – fear

Instincts Of Love

My first instinct is to hold you

And tell you it will be alright

Any time you are in pain

I want to make it right

Maybe it’s a mother’s instincts

Or just a reaction of love

But I want to help you daily

Maybe it’s a sign from above

All I know is you’re hurting

And I want to stop the pain

The instincts in me take over

I’m not looking for something to gain

Just let me help you sometimes

With words and thoughts of caring

For you are deeply a part of me

And my love I must be sharing