The Report

“This is going to be easy,” Teresa said.  “I can find all the information from Wikipedia and be done with this report in no time.”

“It would be better if you used different sources,” Patty said.

“But Mom, I really want to go to Donna’s tonight since she is going to her Grandma’s house with her parents this weekend.  This will be faster if I just stick with one resource.”

“You have written enough reports already to know you will get a lower grade if you don’t expand your search online for more than one source.” Patty suddenly got an idea and said, “Why not try the Intrepid museum website to reference more about the aircraft carrier?  You know that is a reputable source since you went there last summer.”

“Ok Mom, but that is all I am doing, then can I please go see Donna,” Teresa asked with a smile?

Patty shook her head, “Just remember she leaves in the morning so don’t stay too late.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – intrepid