A to Z Challenge – Java

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J is for java

It all started innocently enough.  Getting the honor of making Dad coffee before he left for his overnight shift and the police station.  I still remember the three scoops of Folgers going into the percolator plugging it in and waiting.  I couldn’t drink Dad’s coffee though, he drank it black.  Now Mom on the other hand took cream and sugar with hers and I could occasionally get a drink.

As I hit my teens I tried coffee again and found it bitter so I steered clear of it.  But once I got married to a coffee drinker I was stirred by the aroma once again.  I would occasionally have a cup with milk and sugar.  When I became a sleep deprived parent I leaned a little more heavily on the java.

In the early 2000’s our little town got a coffee shop in it.  I was heavily into tea at the time and fell in love with the shops spiced Chai.  One day for something different I had a latte… that is when the problems began.

From there I was hitting area coffee shops for lattes and mochas.  An occasional Frappuccino or the much cheaper Frappe from McDonald’s.  Now I frequent gas station cappuccino machines and stay close to my Keurig here at home.  I have a Starbuck’s gold card and I frequent the local shops too.  I admit it … I am a coffee-aholic! And I don’t want to be cured!  Pass the brown sugar and cinnamon (my latest taste of choice), please!


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