Mumbles … Paradox

This seems to have been a long week and it is only Wednesday night. I have had three telephone doctor appointments, changes in my medications (my sleep should straighten out soon, but I am still not getting the sleep I should), we picked up a new gas grill and tomorrow is a mini Thanksgiving (the “big” family one is Sunday; it is just 7 of us) so there was a scramble for last minute food items. And then there is the cat we are fostering for my daughter’s friend…

Lewis was good the first few night he was here but last night and today all he has done is basically sleep all day. I talked briefly with the vet today and they are on shortened hours for the holiday this week so, I may have to take him to the vet college to be seen if he doesn’t liven up. I know he is drinking some water but not sure he is eating… with three cats now it is hard to tell if he has been eating or not. I tried to give him a treat today and he turned his nose up to it but he may not like that type of treat. I just don’t know and you know what they say, “the only certainty is uncertainty.” (*that, by the way, is a paradox!) We will watch him tomorrow and decide if we have to have that holiday visit to the vet hospital… otherwise he does have an appointment for next week after I learned my daughters friend should NOT have pets. Picked the cat up from the shelter in 2018 and never took him to the vet for shots. That is just someone who should not have pets… and she had four cats and two dogs!

I have mumbled on enough. As an added bonus I will leave another song here, this time from Kansas, aptly called Paradox.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) = paradox

Mumbles… Rock On

Last night was amazing! I was able to experience the rush of a live concert again thanks to the local radio station – I won tickets to the show. It was a chance to observe, who I consider a classic rock band, Kansas, do some amazing things musically on stage. I am not a concert reviewer. I am a concert fan, maybe even a concert addict. In my youth I saw a lot of different live shows, from bar bands to stadium concerts. There is just such a rush I get from FEELING the music pound through me that no radio or Ipod can EVER match. The enthusiasm of the crowd fuels the band’s energy. That was one thing about last night that was great… it was a small crowd but the noise level made up for it!

I have to say this old lady felt mesmerized by the show and was able to rekindle some of my youthful energy. Definitely goes into the great concert category for me. They were just talking on the radio the other day about the fact that older bands still give the crowds 110% of what they’ve got in a live show, and new artists tend to just show up. Can’t really attest to the new artist side of the discussion, but man Kansas sure still rocks hard after more than 40 years of music!