A to Z Challenge – K

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The letter K …

I have almost every ticket stub from every concert I have been to.  I have always thought I would do something clever with them, but the idea has just never struck.  I also have a handful of stuffed animals, some drawings and school pictures from my youth.  They really don’t mean a lot to anyone but me.  I would like to think someday when I am gone, they might bring a smile to my daughter’s face as some of my Mom and Dad’s keepsakes have done to me and my sister.  I think all of us have a certain number of things we keep besides pictures that take us back to yesterday.  From autograph books and old poems, I wrote, from baby blankets to dolls; there are memories all around me.  Some of them I kept, and some my parents kept for me.  But almost all will bring a smile … well maybe a few will bring a groan.  I am grateful for my keepsakes.