Pink Splashes


She stood in her pink rain coat and matching boots looking at the window.  Making sure her Mom was watching, she ran to the puddle and jumped in with both feet.  The resulting splash reached all the way to her face and she squinted her eyes shut and then let out a huge laugh.  She calmly walked out of the puddle only to turn around and splash again.

After about 15 minutes her hair was drenched and she was soaked but she jumped one last time as her Mom opened the door, “Ashley, it’s time to come in and dry off.”

She laughed and skipped up to the door.  “Mom, did you see me?  I splashed a lot!”

“Yes,” her Mom answered.  “I saw you splash all over.  Did you have fun?”

“Oh yes Mommy, I did.  Can I splash again when Daddy comes home?”  She asked her Mom with a big smile.

“No sweetie, we have to eat dinner and then it is movie night.”

“Can I watch The Little Mermaid tonight?”

“Yes Ashley, you can.  Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

person wearing pink knee high rain boots standing on brown floor
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Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – puddle

With Age Comes…

As a kid I often felt invisible
As an adult I wish I could be invisible
As a kid I didn’t know my worth
As an adult I feel worthless
As a kid I was too shy to talk
As an adult I am too anxious to talk
As a kid I was a scaredy-cat
As an adult I have fears
I may have aged
but some things never seem to change