No Other Choice




Take this time

And gives things

A little bit of thought

We need our wits about us

During this stressful time

Be kind to each other

And especially to yourself

For we will make it through this

My heart says we have to


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – contemplate

Mumbles … Pass

I just want to put my two cents worth in right now.  I kindly will pass on getting the corona virus, thank you.  I have better things to do this week and really enjoy breathing fairly easy – I have asthma, so it is not perfect all the time.  So, whoever is listening… I don’t want the “rona” (as my daughter refers to it), I want a treatment, vaccine, and cure found for it sooner rather than later, and I want people to stop freaking out until that research is done.  There is no need for hording toilet paper.  If everyone respected each other, there would be enough to go around.  The people on the front lines are over worked and understaffed worse than normal – be kind.  And thank the people who are still working for you in one manner or another – medical personnel, food service, retail, delivery people of all kinds, police and fire, the newscasters who try to keep us updated on the latest information, the people who keep your cable and internet running and those who clean up our world.  They are all still out in the thick of it while you are at home trying to fill your day, so it passes quickly.  …end of rant.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pass

Mumbles … Kowtow

Good afternoon readers. Here I am faced with a daily prompt struggle I cannot work into a post easily. There are plenty of words that rhyme with kowtow – brow, now, how, prow, vow, wow… But to work them into a poem I am coming up blank. I think my mind is crammed too full with lots going on (Dr has me doing physical therapy twice a week, have two birthdays coming up and an out of town guest visiting…) so instead I will just mumble a bit.

The definition according to Encarta says to kowtow is to “to behave in an extremely submissive way in order to please someone in a position of authority.” I have never kowtowed to anyone. I have done things to please others, but that is just plain kindness. I would say the closest thing would be the number of things I did try to get my ex-husband to stop drinking. As he was an alcoholic none of them worked no matter how many times he told me they would. That would be labeled more as desperation and simple insanity (doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome). But nothing worked as he was sick and was so deep in the disease nothing could bring him out of it.

So forgive me for lack of creative words today. Maybe when I get to the next prompt I will have more of the brain cells firing! In the meantime I will go back to reading posts and try to attempt to catch up. Have a good day/night everyone!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – kowtow

The Man With Freckles

I remember it vividly.
I watched him
Bumble down the sidewalk.
He wore torn pants and
His shirt was dirty
But what I noticed most
Was his freckles, his smile
And how he greeted everyone.
“Good morning!” he said
And nodded his head.
He almost fell once
Then righted himself and went on.
The summer I worked in the city
I saw him every morning
And I couldn’t help but wonder
Why was he alone?
Where was his family?
And how could he always be so happy?
I never saw him ask for a penny
And I never saw his smile dim.
I often wonder about him
When I pass through the city now.
Is he still greeting each day with a smile?
If only we all could learn
Kindness and endless joy from him,
Maybe the world would be
A happier place.

His Kindness Matters

She slowly pushed the knife

Through the juicy lemon

Slicing it to go into her water

It was another hot day

Humidity ruining her hair

She went to the porch

There was at least a breeze

So the shade wasn’t bad

And she sat on the swing

She lived for summer days at 4pm

That is when he walked by

She didn’t know his name

Only imagined his life

But he would smile at her

He would say hello

And she would feel

Like she mattered

If only for a moment

It was her best defense

From being invisible

And when summer was over

He would be gone

And she would once again

Be someone without notice