Not My Knight

I fell in love
I fell hard
It was like a dream almost
And he was there to rescue me
But my love was premature
As his knight’s armor was tarnished
He still loved another
And would never be mine
No matter what he said
It didn’t ease the pain
He will forever be the one
Who made me believe in love at first sight
Too bad it wasn’t the same for him

Not So Perfect

I put him on a pedestal

And thought he was saintly

Only when time separated us

Did I see him more clearly

He was not the hero

I so strongly thought he was

And he had told me more than once

He was not the man I built him up to be

Why did I let love blind me

To the truth that was in front of me

I still ache for that knight in shining armor

But sadly he only existed in my heart