A to Z Challenge – Laughter

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L is for laughter

*What color is the wind? Blew

Sometimes you just have to laugh.  Some days it is a matter of laughing so you don’t cry.  I do my best to try to spread laughter.  I do a letter of sorts for my therapist and I always have at least one joke or pun included.  I follow a couple of pun pages on Facebook and I get a daily email for my Pun of the Day.

*I’m friends with 25 letters of the alphabet… I don’t know Y.

My Dad was a big influence on my humor.  I remember growing up watching several different comedies on TV.  He would joke with us almost daily.  He even introduced me to a series of books from Piers Anthony about a place called Xanth.  Those books were full of puns.

*I ordered a chicken and an egg on Amazon.  I’ll let you know.

So try to find some laughter where ever you can.  They say a smile requires only about 1/2 of the muscles that a frown takes… conserve energy today LAUGH!

*Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom? Because it has a silent pee.


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Happy and Grateful – Day 321

November brings a chill in the air and the start of the holiday gatherings of family and friends.  I can’t believe I am down to the last two month of my challenge to find happiness and feel gratitude every day.  I hope you join with me in the comments or your own blog in this challenge.  No matter how small there is always a little good in even the worst day.

Even the worst day huh?  This has been an agonizing day of fatigue.  There was another change in the weather – a slight warm up and rain to possibly turn to some snow in the early morning.  Needless to say I am aching all over and I took 3 naps today and still feel like I did not sleep… I guess that is the nature of chronic fatigue.  Add in a good side order of depression and you have a day I would have liked to have missed.  But I put one foot in front of the other take one breath after the other and keep on going.  If I am lucky I find some good.

Today I found that good here on WordPress,  One of the people I follow made me laugh.  First and only time today I laughed and for that I am grateful.  I know laughter is good medicine, I need a little more of it in my life, but it is hard to find some days like today.

Now happiness blooms from laughter, but I don’t think I have ever used the same thing for both my happiness and my gratitude before and this close to the end I hate to change my pattern.  So I give my happiness to a fleeting thought, a memory.  It is something simple but the hug from a friend can mean a lot… I have made it known here before how I miss my best friend.  Today it was the memories of a hug from him that got me through the day and made me closer to happy if only for a moment.

Now I plan to rest yet again and hope that I find some relief from this horrible fatigue I face,  Let your friends know how special they are.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a wonderful night/day!

Happy and Grateful – Day 6

I have undertaken a challenge this year.  I am trying to find the good in every day by writing about happiness and gratitude that I feel.  No matter how small there is always something to bring a smile or make you grateful, if just for a moment.  Follow along with me as I dig deep as necessary and find the peace of the day.  Join in if you are feeling happy and grateful too – in the comments or on your own blog.  Let’s find some fun!

I must apologize for taking almost a full day to write this.. I knew what I was going to write half-way through the day, but laundry, pain and fatigue kept me from writing much.  But I am here now and yesterday was a wonderful day… at least a couple of hours of it was.  I met two wonderful women I worked with for lunch and we sat and talked for about 2 1/2 hours.  It is always good to see them.  One of them is nearing the stage in her life she may have to move a couple of hours away to take care of her ailing mother.  Right now her brothers are helping out some but eventually she will need more around the clock care.  It will be hard to see her move but at least she will be a days drive away to still visit when able.

I am grateful I still have friends from work I can communicate with and still have a small bit of a “social life” to enjoy.  It was a very happy few hours of talk and laughter.  I need more days like that.  Unfortunately I can’t afford them very often and they both still work so coordinating schedules is sometimes a challenge.  But it made this Friday a good day!

Day 93 – 100 Days of Happiness

Today my anxiety got the better of me and kept me home all day, missing two doctor appointments.  But this day of being house bound did not stop me from finding some happiness.  It just happened to be my daughters day off from work today so she came over and we did a binge watch of all the soap episodes we were behind on and just finished a little while ago at nearly 2am.  But while she was here she got her laundry done and we chatted about a lot of things.  She had dinner with us we laughed many times.  It was good to spend some time with her.  Now if I can get some sleep so I wont be a zombie tomorrow… LOL.