Balance of Justice

I am writing of something pretty personal today.  No names, no states, no identifying details.  I am faced with how unfair “justice” can be due to problems a friend is enduring that I want to scream.  Don’t get me wrong… what he did was wrong and he served his time and takes responsibility that he did it.  The problem comes from lack of forgiveness with the system.

He was a young man still in his teen years and she was a younger teenager… youth and the lack of right and wrong at that age can get you in trouble.  Throw a random drug or two into the mix and stupidity can go off the charts.  Still it was a crime and he spend his time in jail and on probation.  He took all his classes and therapy he was required to take.  He held down jobs through the chaotic madness of the officials calling whenever to make him come in for random drug tests.  He did all he was supposed to.  Now he wants to make a better life.

He has put in motion plans to start over.  This crime was over 10 years ago.  It did however land him on the sex offender registry.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are repeat criminals and violent criminals who should be “monitored” to a degree.  But if two teenagers have sex and one is a minor…. why should the older “kid” have to pay forever?  I saw a story on a social web site about a man standing buck naked at his front door on a regular basis for all to see him… and the cops can do nothing about it.  A person can commit a violent robbery or even a murder or manslaughter charge and once their jail and probation time is done they report to no one.

The rules in place to “protect” us from repeat offenders and pedophiles are important, but there needs to be understanding too.  There are people on these lists who will never do anything to put them back in jail.  BUT… they have to spend the rest of their lives in a public view.  They struggle to find work.  But struggle even more to find a place to live.  There are so many zones set up with schools, day care centers and libraries that restrict where they can’t live… problem being there is no way to find a place where they CAN live.  And if they do they are often surrounded by those not ready for a fresh start who are the repeat offenders that are a risk to others.

I believe in laws to protect us but when justice is served cold hearted and cruelly does anyone win?  My friend could offer so much to the world.  By the time the world stops slamming doors in his face though I doubt there will be anything left to share.  And that is the biggest crime of all!