Put It All In The Past (FOWC)

Will I ever know the truth
Especially now that you’re gone
You would always talk about her
And you often worked late
It was easy for me to suspect
Those conversations were not all innocent
And those late nights were not lonely
But I think I need to let it go
Forgive you if you did
Dismiss it if you didn’t
It doesn’t change much
Just holds my heart in anguish
And gives birth to useless thoughts
So where ever you are now
Rest easy
The past is over and I can finally
Release you


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – suspect


I wait by the phone.
Maybe today is the day
You will think of me,
And say hello.
Three holidays now
Have passed without word,
No greetings from you.
But I still believe
What once used to be
Is not dead as it seems.
My friends say it is toxic
To hold onto this dream,
Of a future of you and me.
Maybe it is?
Maybe it’s time
To finally let go?