Not Right

My body is broken
It doesn’t work right
Is it because of disease
Or are the genetics not right

My mind is out of order
It doesn’t work right
Is it chemicals flowing
Or is the brain just not right

My heart is wrecked
It doesn’t work right
Is it just bad heartache
Or is the muscle not right

My joints are not moving
They don’t work right
Is it the stress I’ve placed on them
Or is the bone not right

My life is in the balance
It is not working right
Is it a bug in the software
Or is the hardware not right


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – hardware

My Heart

Don’t touch it
It is about to break
It has been used too much
Worn down over the years
Until it is just a shell
Delicate and fragile
Please don’t try to hold it even
For I am sure it’s too brittle
To withstand the slightest hope
That could be felt on a breeze
All of the elusive strength it has left
Must be saved for me
To sustain life only
Alone with my memories
And faded dreams


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – fragile

Lost At Sea

The storms toss me about
Lost in the darkness
Searching for help
I reach out to you
Hoping you will give me stability
but you are not my anchor
you toss me back into the wind
adrift alone
weathering everything life throws at me
somehow staying afloat
I realize I have to save myself
And I swim for the shore once again


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – anchor

And Now For Something Completely Different… (FOWC)

You yelled
I cried
You laughed
I tried
You asked
I lied
You left
I died…

(Life is not succinct
it is full of greys and difficult answers
there is so much more than meets the eye
this story can be filled in
with good or bad twists
the control is with the reader
for the writer already knows)


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – succinct

Required Enrollment

Without my permission
I have been enrolled
Into the School of Hard Knocks
Most students do not enroll themselves
It is a learning institution that is not voluntary
I am taking classes for
Alcoholism, anxiety, death, divorce, depression and fibromyalgia
None of them I would have signed up for
The only one I expected at all was death
Which everyone has to face throughout life
But the others are a part of my schedule
Like it or not
I am forced to do my homework
And shaken-up with quizzes
Someday the true test will challenge me
For now I do the best I can
And know each day I learn a little bit more
Taking me closer to the end of class

You’d Think I Would Learn

To educate is to teach, to learn something,

But how does one educate themselves?

I need to learn not to expect so much.

I need to accept others don’t care like I do.

I need to stop expecting a “how are you”

Because it just isn’t happening.

I need to stop hoping for a call “just because”

It is not something they will do.

I need to cram for this test called life

For it is not the lessons I thought I would learn

Crashing Down

I stare at the mirror

Wondering who she is?

What right does she have

To be here now?

I look around the room

At the items on the counter,

Toothbrush, cologne, deodorant;

An organized mess surrounds.

A part of me want to sweep it all

Off onto the floor.

See them all crashing down

Like the life I am stuck in.

I look into the mirror again

And see the tears have started.

I am so numb I didn’t even notice.

I am overwhelmed

And desperate for some peace.

Disgusted by what I see

And the thoughts I have;

I turn around and leave the room,

Quietly turning out the light

On the room and myself.


It is an uphill climb

The daily struggle called life

You have to keep moving forward

Or you will lose your momentum

Rocks and bushes will try to slow you down

But obstacles are no match

For sheer determination and survival instincts

The ultimate view from the top

Will be worth the journey of strife

So whatever you do

Just keep climbing