A Special One

He was special
There was no denying it
His rugged good looks
And scintillating wit
Really drew me in
But sometimes
Even the smartest people
Lack the most basic skills
To interact with others
No matter how taken I was
He turned on me
One too many times
I still think of him though
And ache sometimes
To try it again
But I know it is worthless
He is special
And I’m afraid he knows it.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – scintillating

Shallow Beauty

The shallow ones
Always flaunt their looks
While the beautiful ones
Shy away from attention
The shallow ones
Always want more
While the beautiful ones
Are happy with what they have
The shallow ones
Never think of others
While the beautiful ones
Want others to be happy
The shallow ones
Often end up alone
While the beautiful ones
Find their own happiness

Beauty is about
So much more
Than the way you look
Let your beauty of soul
Shine brightly