The Game

Was it just a farce

Your time with me

I feel like I was used

And lied to many times

Was it just a game

Your love for me

To see if you could

Make me fall for you

Was it ever real

The words you spoke to me

You often said “I love you”

But now I sit and wonder

Was it just a farce

I Pause

I turn to tell you about a fleeting thought

And I pause

Forgetting for a moment you’re gone


I hear a song on the radio you used to sing to

And I pause

Catching the lump in my throat


I see your picture

And I pause

Then let the tears flow


I pause to remember

I pause to forget

I pause for acceptance

I pause for love


I hear your voice

And I pause

Glad I hit the save button

Wishing I could have saved you…

“She’s a lot like you.”

The words burned my heart

You compared her to me

“Not to be rude…” is what you said

But rude was not the comparison –

It was a flash fire scorching my love

Leaving my devotion in ashes

Wondering what I ever did wrong

That you didn’t want me…


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