Man, Creation or Warlock

He must be a warlock

Casting a spell on me

I can’t stop smiling

And my heart is all a flutter

His potions must work fast

As I have been enchanted instantly

His kindness and concern

Leaves me mesmerized

Can a person really be that wonderful

And not be a conjured creation

I just sit back and take in another look

Sure my eyes have been hypnotized

Into a trance of happiness

And I am going to do nothing to stop it

Just hold on tight

While this man works his magic

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… just popping in here about midnight (yes, I know it is late tonight) to share some spooky things with you up until Halloween is upon us. Warlocks, ghost and skulls to name a few. Nothing scarier than real life too. So have a boo-tiful end of October and watch out for what’s around the corner. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Sharpen Your Ax

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Like a lumberjack chops at a tree

You sever little pieces of my love for you

Taking me for granted and ignoring me

Why can it hurt so much when you are forgotten

And I am not as young as I once was

And I will not forever be here for you

I love you with all of my being

But I can only tolerate so many chops


Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) – chop

Your Distorted Reflection

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We have been through this before

Go ahead

Just slam the door

Walk away

You always do

Leaving me alone

Not knowing what to do



I have had it

I am tired of this game

Always the one you blame

Take a look in the mirror

See the truth glaring back

I am trying my best

Get off my back



Watch me pack my bags

I am no longer your toy

I deserve to be loved

Not by someone like you

By someone who can truly see

Not a shattered image of reality

But an honest love that all can see


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – look

Torch Song

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Let the music draw us in

As we begin to sway as one

Pressed against each other

Feeling the heat rise

Wanting so much more

Than a simple dance can give

There is passion in the air tonight

And we know just how to capture it

The song’s end is only the beginning

As we succumb to the fire within


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – passion


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I have to stay sober

And keep my wits about me

This intoxicating feeling

Is making it rough

Those first flutters of

The butterflies in your heart

Are hard to resist

The wings go crazy

And the rush of feelings

Is often so intense

But I will not close my eyes

And let the emotions

Wash over me

My eyes are wide open

Struggling to see

If there is love in my future

Or is this just wings in the wind


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – sober

Mumbles … Thirty-three Years

Today is a tough day for me.  It was thirty-three years ago that I was thinking about our destination number one on our honeymoon only a few hours after we had said I do, taken pictures and done all the tradition reception activities.  We lived as a couple for nearly 22 years.  The last few were hard.  Alcoholism twists and torments a family until it is hard to recognize happiness.  I separated from my long term marriage sure I had failed.  But an amicable decision to divorce kept us on track as friends.  And an extremely short 2 ½ years later he died.

I will always treasure the good years we had and the WONDERFUL daughter I was left with to go on.  But after 8 years now, the death has still not killed the last of my love.  I will always keep it tucked away.  But I do yearn to find someone and wonder if there is a chance for a second “true love” for me.

I dated someone for many years, it was nothing like that “true love” and did not last.  In middle age I wonder if I will ever get that chance for butterflies in my stomach and yearns when we are apart… I have to always hold onto hope.

Here’s a little something I wrote…

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(untitled so far)

The day you said you were mine

Will always bring a smile

Although it ended tragically

It was wonderful for awhile

The laughs the smiles the tenderness

Were magical, yes it’s true

In the end it was broken

Our partnership was through

I can’t say the love was gone

It is still here strong today

It leaves me here now weeping

Wishing you hadn’t gone away

Forces have ways of changing

The life you thought you’d live

This night I sit in silence

Wishing for someone to give

The remainder of these feelings inside

A second chance for me to love

A person who will care again

And fit me like a glove

A to Z Challenge – S is for Sitting Bull

“Behold, my friends, the Spring has come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love.

Sitting Bull

Spring is such a beautiful time of year with so many things growing and blooming. I love the thought of it being the “embrace of their love” from the earth and sun. Take a minute to see the new growth and be amazed by it’s beauty.

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A to Z Challenge – R is for Rabindranath

“Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.”

Rabindranath Tagor

I have had instant connections with some friends and known others for years and still not feel very connected with them. This quote is spot on! (even thought it is a day late… 🙄)

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A to Z Challenge – P is for Pablo

“Love is so short, forgetting so long.”

Pablo Neruda

Today for letter P, I searched for a quote from the poet Pablo Neruda. I found this one and was so drawn to it. We have all had “the one that got away” that years later you still wonder what happened to them and “what if” things had been different. At least for me their still is and always will be a little bit of love still there for them. Also friends and family that only pass your way briefly, but have an impact on your life, are a part of your memories forever.

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