Twilight Texting

Words written in the dark of night

Between two souls lost on love’s journey

Neglected by those who say they care

The two speak of love and lust

And a time they once were together

Forgetting the ones who are asleep

They reach out to each other

In hopes of finding a shred of love

To fill their lonely hearts


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – written

Watching Him

He sit across the room



My eyes take him in

All of him

His broad shoulders

His defined chest

With just a little hair

Peeking out of his shirt

His strong legs

The memory of the way

His jeans define his ass

His arms that could encircle me

His hands that could caress me

I could get lost in his eyes

The way they seem to

Look straight into my soul

His lips have just a little pout

I would love to take a nibble of

And when he licks his lips

A part of me shivers


Yes, he is unaware of how

I lust for him when

All he does

Is just sit there

And he temps me

Fan The Embers

Is it so much to ask for,

Is it so much to want,

To be loved by someone

Who has a passion so infinite

The flames would never die out.


A passion insatiable

But only for me.

That I would work endlessly to quell

And beg to have quench me.

Only he knows what I want,

what I crave,

what I need.


…but why can’t he see

That passion in me?