Inferno Untamed

Your arms around me
My legs around you 
Drawn together
Like magnets to steel
We are unable to part
Passion controls us
Enslaves us
Until we are united
One heartbeat
One pulse
Breathing as one...

     A fire breathing dragon
     Consuming all in its path
     Taking all the treasures of life
     To hold forever as its spoils
     Guarding against hatred
     And fiercely protecting
     All it holds dear
     Soaring to heights
     Greater than we can see
     And diving and twirling in the air until

the dragon sleeps now

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – magnet

(image from a Google search)

Attract And Repel

I was attracted to you
Like magnetic opposites
I believed nothing would keep us apart
We just seemed to fit together perfectly
But suddenly you disappeared
Without a warning or word
Now I sit and wonder
What I did wrong
The silence leaves me without answers
And a heart that’s broken in a million pieces

For the word prompt magnet