On The Road To Disaster

The car sat idling on the shoulder of the roadway.  Betsy was trying to use an old-fashioned map to find her route and it wasn’t going well.  Mike leans over and says, “Just let me check my phone it will be faster.”

Betsy shook her head and said, “This is supposed to be a no electronics weekend.  I hate to give up already and fall back on the Google Gods.”

“It really is no big deal Betsy.  I will just check the map online and then we can get to our hotel before dark.”

“Just please give me five more minutes to try to locate.  287th street.  Please?”

“Okay, five more minutes then I am turning my phone on.”

Betsy began to concentrate on the map again.  Suddenly she pushed her finger down on the map and said. “Found it!  We only have about a mile to go and we will be back on the highway.  Then it is just a matter of about 20 minutes, and we will be there!”

Signaling she returned to the road.  And took what would be the worst drive of her life.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – map

Mumbles … Theory

It came to my attention recently that a lot of bloggers have something in common… no views from Greenland.  I am ecstatic over all the overseas views I have gotten, but Greenland is such a big country I want to have it light up pretty colors on my map.

I honestly don’t know much about Greenland.  According to Google it is populated, but not by many (56,171) compared to its mass (836,300 square miles).  The little town I live in is a higher population than that and I am in the middle of Iowa with the farm fields everywhere.

I did learn that most of that population is along coastlines, but with the nation being mostly ice I am sure they are not the tropical coastlines many dream about.  Lots of beautiful pictures of the nation on Google as well.  I found this one of some green land around the houses.

Photo found on Google search

I know my Grandmother raved about her trip to Alaska… maybe someday I should travel to Greenland to see the Northern Lights.  I do find it interesting how we complain and gripe about the cold and snow and they live surrounded by ice and seem to have a very rich culture.

My theory is this; if I take the time to learn a little about Greenland maybe that country will light up for me.  And if not, I will still be just a little bit wiser about the world.  So, go Google Greenland and marvel at its beauties, you can become wiser too!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – theory