Mumbles … Partisan

I am not one who is really very outspoken with my political views.  Maybe it is because I have never really had a candidate, I thought 100% should be in office for whatever they were running for.  So, when I read the word for the day from Fandango… I was sure I could not do a poem for it.  I looked up a definition for a sample sentence and synonyms to maybe trigger something for a flash fiction piece.  As you can see here, I have resigned myself to just babble a little about it.

According to Google there is more than one definition.  I think I will talk about the first noun definition that states it is “a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.”  Like I said I have never really been a partisan for a person.  I am a middle of the road Independent for the most part… if I have to pick a party it would be Democratic.  Now a cause, that I can get behind.

I have very strong beliefs on a couple of things.  Same sex marriages (for it), right to choose (pro-choice, and MY choice would be adoption, but I want that right to decide that) and reform on drug laws (I believe pot should be legal for medicinal purposes for all states and recreational too.) Of those three I am strongest about marijuana.

I know a couple of people who use it (one legally and one not) and it does wonders for their health.  I feel it would only benefit the local economy to legalize it.  Reduce the number of prison spaces we need.  And over all make people happier.  I have never been around a mad stoned person, but lots of angry drunks.

So, I guess I did have partisan inside of me… I will step off my soap box now and go on about my business.  Have a good night/day!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – partisan