Day 7

I am beginning a new journey that I am looking at in a positive light.  My doctor is working with me on mindfulness and meditation.  I have tried meditation on my own in the past with not much luck.  But now I have learned that it is normal for your mind to wander, especially when you first start out.  I have had a couple of days of mindful eating… it is hard not to just chew things up and swallow.  I have to notice texture, taste, temperature, etc. when I am eating.  But tonight was a new step that made me feel pretty good about how well things are going.

This new step was a 40 minute body scan meditation.  Aside from the cat trying to jump on me and my phone going off in the middle of it (I just silenced it and went on) I think it was a very good first attempt.  I did find some frustration as being more aware of my body during the scan I also became more aware of the pain that always lingers with fibromyalgia.  But overall I am very pleased with the way it went and that was my moment of happiness today.