Happy and Grateful – Day 250

The kids are all in school, there is a growing crisp in the air.  Football games and shorter days fill the weeks.  It is September.  I have accomplished another month of acknowledging my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join me as I continue my goal of one year on this journey.  Please join in with your happiness and gratitude in the comments or your own blog post.  No matter how bad the day is there is always something worthwhile in the day.

I slept better last night… and this morning, and some of the afternoon too!  I slept so well I slept right through my doctor’s appointment for the week.  Now I have to wait another week to bare my soul.  But it works out well really.  He recommended a workbook about mindfulness and it should be delivered tomorrow.  This way I will have a little “homework” done before I see him again.  I do hate missing that appointment.  But I am grateful I slept better.

I did my part in helping out a friend today.  One of the women I went to school with is about to have her 50th birthday and her sister wanted to do a card shower for her.  So I went to my craft desk and got a little ink and glue on my hands.  It always makes me happy to create a card.  I sure hope she gets a lot of cards.  This is the first card shower I have been a part of.

Well my meds are making me tired… I hope to get this published before I fall asleep, unlike last night.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a nice night/day.

Day 7

I am beginning a new journey that I am looking at in a positive light.  My doctor is working with me on mindfulness and meditation.  I have tried meditation on my own in the past with not much luck.  But now I have learned that it is normal for your mind to wander, especially when you first start out.  I have had a couple of days of mindful eating… it is hard not to just chew things up and swallow.  I have to notice texture, taste, temperature, etc. when I am eating.  But tonight was a new step that made me feel pretty good about how well things are going.

This new step was a 40 minute body scan meditation.  Aside from the cat trying to jump on me and my phone going off in the middle of it (I just silenced it and went on) I think it was a very good first attempt.  I did find some frustration as being more aware of my body during the scan I also became more aware of the pain that always lingers with fibromyalgia.  But overall I am very pleased with the way it went and that was my moment of happiness today.