Monday To Remember

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I hate Monday

It takes you away

I have you such a short time

And then you’re back with her

You say you have to work late

You have a late meeting

You have an overnight stay out of town

I have learned the truth though

You work your nine to five

Then you go to her

If I am lucky I see you after dinner

Too tired to talk you go to bed

You shower before I can

Smell her perfume on you

I guess I should be glad

You are still here weekends

I haven’t lost you completely

Even though you get “work calls”

That taint the day with heartache


This Monday will be different

I will no longer share you

I won’t be toyed with anymore

This is your last Monday to split

This is the last of you

All it takes is one bullet

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #3 – Monday

Day 62 – 100 Days of Happiness

My grandfather used to hate Mondays… always seemed to be the day of the week when things would go wrong.  I had a pretty good weekend, then today came along.  Stress, anxiety, depression… it is all trying to gang up on me again.  Money issues are really hitting us hard right now and with my car making a mystery sound I am so worried about repair costs.  We have been putting off a recall repair (which will be free, but will take time) so decided today to set up an appointment and ask about the sound.  Luckily the mechanic said it did not sound like anything serious and could be fixed when they do the recall repairs. That was a big relief to me!  Not only do I need the car for my medical visits, but I am driving my Dad around now too as he has no license.  So this turned out to be a good news Monday… my grandpa would never believe it.