Feel The Strength

The thunderstorm loomed on the horizon

Lightning strikes grew near the city

Winds began to howl as the rain started to fall

Thunder’s booming sounds raged

The rain was whipped by the winds

Hail bounced off everything

Lightening hit and thunder clapped almost instantly

The warning blare of a tornado siren…


A cacophony of sounds brought with a summer storm

Reminds us of the strength of Mother Nature


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – cacophony

Happy And Grateful – Days 268 & 269

The kids are all in school, there is a growing crisp in the air.  Football games and shorter days fill the weeks.  It is September.  I have accomplished another month of acknowledging my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join me as I continue my goal of one year on this journey.  Please join in with your happiness and gratitude in the comments or your own blog post.  No matter how bad the day is there is always something worthwhile in the day.

Sorry about the double up post but I needed a day to “recover” from the last few days and kind of crashed right after birthday celebrations Monday night.  I did do the daily prompt this morning … better late than never.

The post for last night is easy too.  I am grateful for that night 23 years ago when I went into labor and finally had my beautiful daughter who forever changed my life. And the happiness was of course sharing her birthday with her.  It was going to be her and her boyfriend, but considering he worked about 14 hours he wasn’t up to visiting.  She enjoyed her gifts and we had a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

Today was about recovery.  Some stretching for my aches and pains, muscle relaxers tonight, and a nap or two along the way.  I would really like to take it easy this week, but have to take my Dad to a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and Thursday is my yearly mammogram – and even though I am 14 years past the cancer, I still dread what they might find again.

So tonight I started my posting early to hopefully get it all in before either my mind turns to mush from the meds or the fatigue wins out.  My cat is currently “helping” me write by cleaning my left hand as I type…she is such a mama cat always licking and cleaning me and my boyfriend.  Makes me feel sad we took away her ability to have kittens.  I would say this is one of those sweet moments of the day with her that can be considered my happiness for the day.

Now the gratitude comes from a break from Mother Nature.  The weather has returned to more seasonable temperatures and we were able to open windows up again today.  It looks like we will have a few days of fall before the warm air is set to return once again.  I am listening to the crickets serenading me outside my window… almost as good as bird song.

Well I am off to clear out some of my email and then get some sleep.   Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day!