Buffalo – FFFC #106

Majestic beast

That ruled the land

Remind us of the past

All the damage at hand

Land was taken from those

Who were there before

Because we were scared

And we didn’t want war

Now a small gesture

That what we did was wrong

And the lands should go back

To the owners who belong

I stumbled through something close to a poem, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this image was the following song by Mason Proffit – Buffalo

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge – FFFC 106

Mumbles … Tribal

I am not a member of a tribe, don’t know anyone that is part of a tribe so, how am I supposed to write about tribal?  I am just going to just put my fingers to the keyboard and try to bluff my way through this “essay question.”

Who do you think of when you hear tribal?  Being from the Midwest I think of Native Americans.  There is a tribal community about an hour’s drive away from here.  They do hold special events from time to time and they have a casino that they run.  My boyfriend and I went there in October and won a little but put some of it back into the economy.

I know there are tribes in Africa, Australia, South America as well as the Native American tribes that live in North America.

When I did a search for the definition, it said on one website, that tribal especially represents tribes in southern Asia.  I have never been there but that is about the last place I think of as tribal.  But they say you learn something new every day.


Written for Fandango’s One- Word Challenge (FOWC) – tribal