Watch It – FPQ #175

I think this is a first for me.  I have answered Fandango’s Provocative Question in the comments before, but this week there was just too much to the question(s) to put in the comments so lets just into it.

This week Fandango asks:

For this week’s provocative question, I’m going to ask you about your TV viewing habits. My questions are below if you care to answer, either in the comments or on your own post. Ready?

  • What country do you live in?
  • How many televisions do you have in your home?
  • On average, how many hours a day do you watch TV?
  • What kinds of programs do you typically watch (e.g., news, sports, movies, dramas, sitcoms, reality shows)?
  • Do you watch programs as they are aired or do you record them and watch them at other times?
  • Do you mostly watch “network” TV? Premium cable channels (e.g., HBO, Showtime)? Streaming channels (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple+)?
  • How often, if at all, do you use other devices than television (e.g., computers, smartphones) to watch programs?
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First of all I am in the middle of the United States with only one TV in my house.  From here the questions get a little grey.  Used to be I would have the TV on 24/7, but barely watched it.  It was “company” in an empty house.

I am in the process of changing things a little.  I am slowly getting into streaming what I want to watch as opposed to what is on cable.  I have been listening to Amazon Music during the days at my computer and doing things around the house as pain allows me to.  But usually I watch the local ten o’clock news and then it is more like background noise again until morning as I find it hard to sleep in a quiet house… although through the years I have learned no home is ever truly quiet, especially with three cats.  So, as the set may be on about 10 to 12 hours depending on how late I am up (I am a night owl) I maybe only watch 2 to 4 hours.

I watch the local news and a mix of old shows I loved (Quantum Leap and The Carol Duvall show this week) and new discoveries (Squid Game and Downton Abbey) and the occasional movie I have on my to watch list (the original War of the Worlds and Forbidden Planet).  So, I watch a mix of “live” and on demand shows.  I rarely record anything.

As for the last two questions… all of the above. Local news (TV), movies (Starz, HBO, Disney) and streaming channels I am starting to discover more and more.  However almost all of these are watched on the TV, with an occasional viewing on my computer.  The phone screen is just too small.  But music still reigns number one in my house – computer, tv music channels or the good old fashioned radio.  How do you view?


Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question (FPQ) #175

Breaking News

The man on TV was speaking nonsense

It was all bombastic rhetoric

Blathering on and on

About a brighter tomorrow

While we are in our darkest of days

What we need now is




But what we are getting

Is the same old pompous attitude

Only worried about

What comes after the dollar sign


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – bombastic

Self Care

Don’t watch the news

Instead take a snooze

It’s all a calamity

It will steal your sanity

So turn off the TV

There is nothing to see

It is all violence

That makes no sense

Throw the paper away

Don’t read it today

We can’t change the facts

The world’s full of hacks

We need to take time

To broaden our mind

Pursue a day in the arts

It will help heal our hearts


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – news

To Watch Or Not To Watch

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the first five minutes
are always the worst
murders, fires, death and destruction
the weather and sports are ok
but the fluff pieces
are always towards the end
the human interest stories
that give us a little hope
that mankind still has kindness

yeah I think I will watch
the last half of the news
the first half I can’t handle today


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – news

Add Another To The List

It was meant to be funny

droll attempt at laughter

But it went too far

It bordered on creepy

And just plain wrong

He shouldn’t have tried it

To assault her in her sleep

After all he is a public official

There has to be a level of decency

It’s just one in a growing list

Of wrongs being brought to light

When did the world go down this path…

Happy and Grateful – Day 229

Seven months are gone now and surprisingly I am still plugging along with this challenge to post about my happiness and gratitude every day this year.  August brings the state fair here in Iowa and lots of heat and humidity.  It is the time to see the back to school shopping start with kids dreading it and parents loving it.  As I continue my challenge I hope you will take a minute to reflect on your day too.  You can even share your happiness and gratitude here in the comments or on your own blog.  There is good in every day!

Another day… another afternoon with Special Reports from the news desk breaking into programming on television, news updates on Facebook and radio DJ’s talking of more hate in the world.  My anxiety and depression make it hard to watch the news.  Being a compassionate human makes it hard to watch the news.  So I stepped a little out of my norm for the daily prompt post I made for unfurl (A New Flag).  I find it so discouraging to see how little value people put in human lives… unless they are ____(fill in the blank).

To try to counter all that, I find myself listening to music tonight.  Trying to find answers to why.  I saw my therapist this afternoon and talked a little about the news of the week.  And I know he is right in saying there are more good people than bad in the world… some weeks it is hard to believe it though.  So I sit here and try to find music that gives me hope.  Try to write out the words of hurt and pain.  Grateful my friends and family are all safe tonight… and saying a prayer for those who aren’t.

I had a moment today of happiness when I shared some time with my Dad.  He seemed in a better mood tonight than he has been and we had a nice talk while I fixed him dinner and he ate it.  With him at 81 I worry those talks will not be available much longer.

I am going to try to read some more posts before it gets too late.  Stress can wear me out and it has been a stressful day with the newscasts.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day!

A New Flag

The news is full of hate these days

Leaving us full of sadness

I feel powerless as one to change things

If only we could unfurl a new flag

One of freedom, unity and respect

For the whole world to stand behind

But as long as there are egos in power

Peace and love are only hopes and wishes

In the minds of the few who still dare to dream

Day 56 – 100 Days of Happiness

I don’t want to talk about the election… but it is the stress from it that has brought me my moment of happiness today.  I have been on edge all day.  I did an absentee ballot so I did not have to wait in a line to vote.  I just had to sit back and wait for the news.  That is where the stress is building… it is being agonizingly slow.  I have taken an anxiety pill but still feel very anxious.  So is my daughter.  We have been chatting back and forth trying to keep each other from being too worked up.  I actually even laughed when she sent a gif that joked about the red and blue states.  I love my daughter so much and want to do everything I can do to protect her, and I feel like I have let her down somehow tonight.  I don’t know if any of this is making sense… the news coverage does not seem to make sense so maybe it fits.  Maybe it is my anxiety meds?   Maybe it is the late hour?  All I know is that I would not have made it through this night without the chats with my daughter.  She put a good spin on things a couple of times to give me a little boost through the night.  Democracy has been done and I hope the nation can begin to heal… we must pull together as one.  God bless the USA.