The Handsome Stranger 5

1 – Fluid

2 – Melody

3 – Trap

4 – Flood

5 – Coma

Jerry stood next to the hospital bed and leaned over to give his wife a kiss. She had been in a coma for almost two weeks now following a stroke. Jerry was there by her side from the start of visiting hours until they told him to go home at night.

“I’m going to slip out and get the evening paper Louise. Don’t you miss me too much while I am gone.“ Jerry spoke to his wife all day, believing it would be the way to bring her back. He walked down the hall to the elevators and went to the gift shop in the front of the hospital.

“Has the evening paper arrived yet? he asked the clerk behind the counter. The clerk absently gestured to the newspaper rack and mumbled, “Yeah.”

Jerry returned to Louise’s side and began to read the paper to her, occasionally pausing to hopefully hear a return comment. “Here’s an article from that hunky Jack Watson you like so much. Seems he got a letter from that deranged killer who is still on the loose. I bet you would be furious over the second body that was found by a little kid. Oh wow. It says here that the killer was abandoned by his mom at the age of 5. I don’t understand how someone can be hurt by something like that and turn into a killer… there are so many children of divorce who are perfectly normal. As you would say dear, he is just a little touched.”

Turning the paper to the back page there was a composite drawing of the suspected killer taken from what little they had gotten from surveillance cameras and some witnesses. “You know Louise; these drawings always look like someone you know. I would almost swear this is the guy who used to rent the duplex across the street. He was kind of an odd duck.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – coma

The Handsome Stranger 4

1 – Fluid

2 – Melody

3 – Trap

4 – Flood

“Here you go Jack,” the mail clerk said as he dropped the envelope on his desk along with the rest of the mail. It was a large manila envelope with printed labels on it. “Thanks Pete. There always seems to be a flood of mail when the idiots are on the loose.” He was talking about the suspected serial killer that was plaguing the area.

He looked though the stack and stopped when he got to the large envelope. Something about it peaked his interest, maybe just a reporter’s hunch. He opened it carefully and found photographs of the murdered women inside and a three page letter supposedly from the murderer.

He picked up his phone and dialed the editor’s number. “Hello Frank, we’ve got a bombshell. The murderer sent me a package. Do we run with it or do I call the PD?”
“What’s it say?” the editor asked.

“Basically how women have ruined everything these days. Messing with politics, becoming a voice in the media, just a bunch of ranting. He does say they will all pay for how they wronged him. And it is only signed with K.”

“Start up some copy for the late edition and I will call the PD so they can process the envelope. They may block the story but I want something in case they let us run with it.” The editor said.

Jack started writing right away. He outlined how the murderer claimed women were ruining his life as well as every other male. He made sure to word it carefully to not enrage the murderer or terrify the public. Jack was one of the best in the business. He just hit the save button when he saw the officers headed across the newsroom.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – flood