Mumbles… nurse

I am having very limited access to WordPress right now.  I am staying with my Dad as he woke up Sunday morning with incredible pain when he tried to use his left arm.  After a trip to the ER and a follow-up visit with the doctor, he has a sling and is using ice for what is likely bursitis… still waiting to hear from the doctor on the x-rays for sure.  So I am helping him around the house and getting him meals.  It is better than it was but still a problem.  Hopefully this will be the last night staying here.  Then I will just pop in a couple of times a day.  I love my Dad but my body is screaming at me to take it easy soon.  I am not too comfortable in a nurses cap.  LOL

With my limited data I can only read so much on my phone and his computer is not like home.  (I miss my laptop!)  I am however trying to get through some as I can.  I am sadly behind on my daily posts but I am still writing in my notebook to keep the muses happy.

I do appreciate all of you who stick with me day after day and am sorry I am letting you down right now.  Life still happens even when there are plans already made… how insensitive of life, huh?  Be patient a little while longer I will get to all your posts and begin posting again.  Thanks for your understanding!

The ER Encounter

He was a legend

In his own mind

A really big tool

You know the kind

She was a beauty

Shy and withdrawn

They met at work

Just before dawn

She was a nurse

Saving a life

He was a patient

Cut by a knife

He tried to woo her

Putting on all his charms

She was not swayed

She just crossed her arms

One last effort

He flashed his killer smile

she shook her head

and glanced at the tile

“I will not date you

I’m married you see.”

Showing her finger

Smiling with glee

He was dejected

And began to pout

She just grinned and said

“I’m finished, now get out.”